Service Introduction

What is HelIoBUS ?

By converging Korea’s first super precision GPS technology and LTE communications network,
reduce error range down to 3M
and location information period to the shortest of 3 seconds!

Providing more precise and detailed arrival information than intra-city bus arrival information system through push alert or text message!

Operational information such as location of bus stop and bus can be checked real-time. Search of bus route and pay the fee at one go!

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Not only real-time vehicle location inquiry, but also various functionalities such as vehicle operational management, route management, passenger management, and operational history inquiry are provided.

Operational log is automatically created, so log management can be convenient.

Smartphone app for passengers

*example of passenger’s Smartphone screen

  • Checking current location of vehicle
    • Location of bus can be checked real-time
  • Arrival alarm service
    • Location of bus can be checked real-time
    • Vehicle arrival alarm can be received as push alert
    • Separate from existing vehicle arrival alarm, user can set own arrival zone by selecting alarming area on the map
  • Route inquiry / selection
    • Search and select route, check all routes, departure time, check price of fee
  • Bus stop viewer
    • 360 degree photo of near the actual bus stop
  • Paying the fee
    • After checking the fee per route, pay right away, or pay with ticket

※ This service is only available after installing and operating terminal on your shuttle bus.

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Desktop WEB for operational administrator

  • Real-time location control
    • Control all vehicles’ location real-time
    • Auto trace functionality of selected vehicles in order without separate operation even when controlling many vehicles
  • Bus stop and allocation management
    • With just one click on the map, register, move, delete, change name of bus stop
    • Simple keyboard input for easy and quick bus allocation management
  • Check passengers
    • Checking passenger and prevent fare evasion
    • Efficient route management through daily / monthly statistics and present condition of passengers per vehicle / route / bus stop
    • Group notice message (route / bus stop / passenger selection)
  • Vehicle operational history inquiry / Automatic operational log
    • Check vehicle route and speeding at one go
    • Various information such as bus stop departure / arrival time, operations per route, engine ON / OFF time, operating time, and driving distance
    • Operational log of desired date (period) can be printed or saved in computer as Excel file
  • Prevent accidents through ADAS application
    • Encourage safe driving through alarm for lane departure, forward collision, pedestrian collision, and speeding
    • Safety score calculation with ADAS data, driving habit improvement for blacklist drivers with bad driving habit
    • Immediate response when accident risk is detected or going off usual driving pattern

*example of administrator page web screen


Service Process

Service Process